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Interview w/the Creator/Owner of!

March 29, 2008

 The Gamer Studio

DRENCH: Were you playing a videogame when the thought of creating a gaming site crossed your mind?

TGS: Actually no, The reason I started the gaming site thing is quite the long one. Back in ’06 I was just getting into writing, so I applied to be a contributer to a site I wish not to name. From there, I eventually became a writer in a senior capacity. After an argument with an editor I was released and given the boot, after several months of work. From there I pretty much gathered I would run my own site.

DRENCH: What’s the hardest part of developing a gaming site?

TGS: Well, I would say the hardest part of developing a game site is actually coming up with dynamic content. There are tons of sites coving many facets of the field that just have a head start. Other sites, the community as a whole is great. Gamers just naturally come together.

DRENCH: What does your site bring to the table? What sets is apart from the others?

TGS: Well, as we prepare to launch I believe our site brings a better sense of community that the other ones. We really care about what the readers think and do pertaining to videogames. We also take this business seriously. Many of the other blogs and sites out there tend to look at this as a hobby…and not as a craft as I see it.

DRENCH: What do you like the most about videogames? What types of videogames do you like to play the most (RPGs, Sports, etc.)?

TGS: I love the interaction, the story, and the gravity it can bear when crafter correctly. As such I love nothing more than a good RPG. The atmosphere can really absorb someone into the world to a point where you feel your not just playing, your actually participating.
DRENCH: What’s a videogame so bad, that it’s fun to play?

TGS: Well…I honestly dont believe in that. Unlike other genres such as art and music, Videogames tend to grab at you more. If an experience is that bad…then I cant really play it.

DRENCH: What’s your most interesting story that has to do with videogames?

TGS: I once found myself beating a friend in soul caliber with my feet. I had picked Mitsurugi and after wailing on him with the handicap down, I had decided that that I would use my feet. It was rather interesting.

DRENCH: Why do you think the Wii is such a big seller?

TGS: The Wii is a big seller becuase its appealing to the casual gamer, the outside world, and even the hardcore gamers as well. Its a video game system that allows you to interact fully (Wii Fit comes to mind), so it snags the outside world who saw that videogameing had no real interaction (wrong obviously but I digress). The casuals love it becuase of hte capabilities of the software. Nothing grabs people who do not play videogames too much together like a session of Wii sports. Adding alchohol makes it just that more fun. Hardcore gamers will get it becuase A, we get every system anyway, and B, there is no way we would miss out on some of the titles that are on there such as Galaxy, No More Heroes, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and Metroid Prime 3.

DRENCH: You ever have a dream that had to do with videogames? If so, what was it like?

TGS: My dreams are quite vivid. Many of them are based on the videogames I have played and really enjoyed. I tend to dream things in motion so the sensations can almost feel lifelike.

DRENCH: Ever play a videogame while drunk and/or high? What was that experience like?

TGS: Well, I was told I can play sports games a lot better when intoxicated. That may be becuase I tend to overanalyze and when you have been let loose of those inhibitions, you tend to let instinct take over.
DRENCH: What do you believe are common misconceptions about videogames, and/or gamers?

TGS: Videogames are for kids. I hate that one. Are movies just for kids? Television? Its a medium that has tremendous strength to move as well as enhance critical thought. I challenge someone to play a game such as Lost Oddessey and not feel moved by the writing and character development.

DRENCH: Who (Or what, lol), is the most fashionable videogame character?

TGS: The most fashionable videogame character…that is a tough one.I always appreciated Max Paynes sense of style… the dark quality of it all. James Bond of course, he is always sharp with whatever he is in.

DRENCH: What’s something fashion and videogames have in common?

TGS: I think it takes an eclectic mind to succeed in both fields. You really cannot go in both videogames and fashion reinvient the wheel and expect to be successful, both fashionistas and gamers alike are quite harsh as critics.

DRENCH: Most underrated videogame of all time.

TGS: Probably the Descent series…alot of good gaming there to be had. This is really a tough question becuase almost every gamer can think of a different game or series that just isnt as lauded as it should.

DRENCH: This is a question you probably saw coming a mile away, but…what is your favorite videogame of all time? Why?

TGS: This one is quite tough, I cannot say one game…Ill give three that had a profound effect on my videogame life.

Doom – I remember when my pops had the shareware version of this game. Even being as young as I was I couldnt stop playing it. It was just so addicting. In a sort of macro sense, it laid the foundations of the First Person Shooter Genre. I didnt care about that then, I just wanted to get past the cacodeamon.

Final Fantasy VI – Seemingly unfairly shadowed by its older brother FFVII, I think its a better game. Who was a better villian then Kafka? The game even with its length pulled you in just as I described earlier. Your gameplay decisions mattered, the world was immense, and it had a fair sense of difficulty to it. Did I mention for its time it was insanely beautiful as well as its music scored as well as any game before or since. It is my favorite of the series.

Street Fighter 2- Honestly, my brother barrowed this one from a friend. I dont think we ever gave it back.My other games had to get lonely sitting alone.8 characters to master and just as deep as you were going to get for the time. Tournaments, trash talk, all of it was popping off when friends were over. I can still put this one in today and give it atleast a few go arounds.

DRENCH: Just because you run a gaming site, doesn’t mean that’s all you’re about…I think. So, what are some other things that entertain you besides videogames?

TGS: Man, I love tons of things. HIp-Hop tends to be my other great love. Shout out to and for helping me hone my writing and appreciate the art that much more. Bigger ups to Jake Paine,Odiesel, and Martin Barrios for taking extra time with me to get me to a better standpoint. Also, I love sports, and as such I am a contributor to Shout out to Robert Littal. Also a political and history student when I care to be. There is nothing like sifting through the bullshit.

DRENCH: What’s your thoughts on the current state of politics (The election, the recent predicament with the former NY gov., etc.)?

TGS: I dont want Hilary Clinton to win based on her war on free speech. Many people may have forgotten that. Gamers havent. Spitzer is funny…the best thing about it is it leads to the first blind governor who happens to be black. ALl reports tend to say he works twice as hard to get half as much, and thats what a govoner needs t o be. Politics in general is a great soap opera, as I once recalled to my friend, it may just be the best thing on TV once you realize 85 percent of it is bullshit.


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March 14, 2008

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