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A Poem: Surprise.

December 30, 2008

by Clyde Grant II

It’s too late to hear you.
I’ve already felt you.

New Nas! N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)…FREE Download!

May 20, 2008

This song is better than the other track that leaked, “Be A Nigger Too.” Looking forward to the album…

A Picture – A Poem.

May 6, 2008


A picture, is worth a thousand words.
A photographer, is a writer…

Clyde Grant II

Untitled/Unfinished – A Poem.

May 4, 2008

Mo-City’s a desert, barren,
But I have to remember, now & then,
That my heart is where home is,
That beautiful oasis,
Tumors are equal to eagles,
Which spark & depart from their beaks like bullets,
And float away as if doves, from your corpse- Remorseless,
Leaving vultures to visit, & devour what’s left of your flesh,
Pecking at the bullet-casings, lodged inside of your carcass

Valerie – A Poem.

May 4, 2008


A new t-shirt.
100 sit ups.
Finding something I lost.
Killing an ant,
right after it bites me…

Watching Fight Club,
for the umpteenth time…
Finishing a Robert Greene book.
Listening to UGK.
A good idea.

Quinton’s jokes.
The taste of a double whataburger w/cheese.
A dollar I found on the ground.
Waking up on a,
foggy Wednesday morning…

Wrapped in a warm blanket,
in a cold room…
Learning something new.
A neat self-portrait.

Clyde Grant II

Galactic Tactics…to Infinity & Beyond?

April 10, 2008

A hip-hop oriented music group, comprised of Producer Third Eye, and rappers Fat Tony (aka Tony Trone), Chris Starz, Destro, and Space Ghost. A moreso underground rap-circuit, their gritty, yet ethereal sound is bound to ensnare you from “Thyme,” to “Essentials.” Their album, titled “Green Schemes,” should be due soon. I’ve conducted an interview in the past with group member Fat Tony, and I’m recently finishing one with Third Eye (which will be debuted on soon enough).

Be sure to check out the instrumentals to the upcoming album along w/a few snippets @:

Leftovers – A Poem.

March 31, 2008


She opens the refrigerator…
So empty, so cold.
Bits and pieces of things to make anew,
Whilst I sit there, mundane…so old.
Boldy, I stand out,
Sore, and green…
I remember, I seen,
Moments ago,
When the darkness faded away,
And her face- a ray of light,
Shone upon me with such gaiety.
Unable to speak in the way I wished,
I simply marveled at her presence;
My essence, marble,
Her stomach, garbled with desire.
Her eyes, set ablaze with hunger.
I, lazily lingered ever close to the tips of her fingers…
A monopoly in my mind,
A windfall…
But as sure as the winds wind,
A look of regret descends upon her,
And the darkness returns once more…
She now, pines a restuarant,
That she hasn’t been to in awhile.
 I now sit alone in the darkness,
With the bits and pieces…
Never again will I be whole,
To my dismay, I decay.

A Poem: Unfinished, Untitled…

March 18, 2008

I once thought the,
Friend-zone was the end-zone,
As I finish this chapter,
I feel an ache within my wristbones,
Caused by a cloned feeling…
Why, does history repeat itself?