My name is Clyde. I’m into fashion, poetry, writing, and photography. Thanks for viewing/reading/commenting my blog!

(I’ll definitely update the about me section with time, so bear with me.)


5 Responses to “About”

  1. chencenter Says:

    all i can put together is that youre a poet ninja. did i hit the mark or is there more?

  2. P the Capo Says:


    im trying to get that Nas track and the link dont seem to be workin!?



  3. Paul Says:

    stumbled upon your blog, i also write though was never able to sustain a blog, i’ve had more than a handful of them

    but can be read here: http://ilpoe.livejournal.com

    i’ve enjoyed your entire blog, interviews, art, music, insight. well done.

    stay up stay blessed


  4. edhead150 Says:

    ninjas are very real… i can dig it…

    i like your site.. I think its pretty cool. Where are you based?

    check out my site: http://www.uristocrat.com

    let me know if you want to collaborate on some stuff

  5. The Galley Says:

    Dear Blog Publisher,

    Acting in a straightforward manner, I have learned, is a humane policy. It can also honestly be said that I have recently added your blog as a bookmark.

    I felt like you and members of your reading community would appreciate the delights The Galley has to offer. So I chose to post this message on your blog. I hope you do not find this disrespectful. In the event that you do, please accept my apologies and disregard the following message.

    This is an invitation to The Galley of Chef M Mots (www.15tracks.net/-the-galley.html). Kindly indulge in its debut presentation entitled “The Broccoli + Samboussa Selections”. You can leave honest feedback/criticisms at The Galley’s Guestbook located at http://www.15tracks.net/-the-galley-guestbook.html. The entire presentation will be made available as a free download on December 16, 2008. Unless you subscribe to the e-mailing list of The Galley, you can be rest assured that you will not receive comments such as this again.

    Thank you for your time and all the best with your endeavors.
    The Galley of Chef M Mots.

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