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Interview w/rapper, Nerd

January 10, 2009



nerd What makes a nerd, a nerd?
nerd: Focus. A nerd is someone who just focuses on something so much that you would’ve thought they invented it. Nerds are just focused people. What’s the best thing about being a nerd?
nerd: Being able to outsmart people. What are common nerd misconceptions?
nerd: They we don’t know what it means to be cool or interesting. Nowadays its way more accepted to be a self-proclaimed nerd…but it wasn’t always that way. What are things you think contributed to this gradual acceptance/tolerance?
nerd: Well the “nerd” has always been the tragic hero, someone who saves the day when you thought they would have been the first to die. You got rebelious nerds like N.E.R.D, Phyarcyde, Del the funky Homosapien, that are just creative and artistic. . . people pick up on that. You’re a rapping nerd…I guess the oppostie would be a rapping jock. What do you think would be characteristics of a rapping jock?
nerd: What you hear now on the radio (laughs), hell there is even a dude named Young Joc. Rappers out now often compare themselves to sports figures so I would call those people rapping jocks. I think it’s safe to say nerds like to learn. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from pursuing music?
nerd: My favorite rapper once said, “Nobody belived, until I belived me.” Believe in yourself. What’s it like being both a writer (URB, right?) who happens to do some music-related work, and a musician? Do you believe you gain a different perspective on both things?
nerd: It’s a humbling and complex experience because I’m someone who can make or break artist careers and at the same time I am out networking in the same field as that artist. I have to carefully use my words and make sure stick to them. So if I think an artist is wack, I have to tell them to they face “yo, you are wack”. At the same time, I make my music to the same standard that I judge other peoples music so really I am making or breaking my career as well. And people will flip on you, It’s cool if I’m interviewing The Cool Kids for the mag but the moment I wanna do a song with them they look the other way. You can only get so far until you step out of that position where you make people look good to you are their competition. What are your interests outside of making music and writing?
nerd: I love to party and meet new people. I enjoy recreational stuff like swimming, bowling, minature golf – things that put me at ease. The Cali rap scene has a diverse group of talent and subject matter. What do you think are causes of that?
nerd: The elements man, the air, the water, and to some extent the earth (weed). We are just in touch with natural things. Plus, this is the film capital so you have a lot of people with a lot of ideas who come here from all across the globe. How would you describe life in Cali?
nerd: It really depends where you go. North Cali is family, close knit and people have the chance to take things slow. South Cal is fast paced, people will rush to go nowhere all at the same time and try to be the first one to do it. Then there is the Valley, I really dont know what goes on over there (laughs). What’s the worst thing about being a nerd?
nerd: The worst think about being a nerd is having to “work” toward being noticed. Usually a nerd would just hide himself from the public anyway, so thats what everyone expects. For those who want to break away from that stereotype they have a difficult time. Are you in college? If so, what’s your major?
nerd: Yes I go to California State Long Beach and I am an English Major with a focus in Creative Writing. So, I peeped your blog about the Dis-ember mixtape, which is coming at the end of this month. Can you go into detail about it’s premise?
nerd: I just feel that there are too many people who feel that they can do what I do. I recent read an interview that Hip Hop DX did with Big Daddy Kane in which he talked about how the emcee got his respect off of the battles. It was real dog eat dog then because everyone wanted to be the best. Now everyone is just SAYING they are the best but don’t prove it. So I’m here to ruffle a few feathers. I have nothing to lose, and I’m not on no killing nonsence either. Hm, the writer/musician standpoint does seem like a double-edged sword. Do you believe the critic/artist standard of your own work offers you an advantage in comparison to someone who is just an artist?
nerd: Besides the fact I get to run my big mouth? Ha ha, well I get more respect as a critic because I am supposed to “get it” when it comes to an artists message, but I am a fan first so that side comes out when I am doing my reviews or editorials. If you had to describe your music as a formula, how would you do it?
nerd: rhyme skills(beats x performance)- lies + business(marketing,money,networking)/music consumers + record labels.

= X

Solve. Ha ha ha.