Hollywood Floss Interview

December 9, 2008


Hollywood Floss


image.in: Why do you rap?

Hollywood Floss: First off, thanks for taking the time to even interview me…Second, no disrespect to any MC or rapper, but I don’t rap…I make all types of music and rap just happens to be one of them, i’m focusing on for the present.

image.in: Which type of music would you say you enjoy making the most?

Hollywood Floss: Lately, its been a whole bunch of genre’s mixed together, like rock mixed with rap and techno (no lie). I’ve been trying to just make better songs as far as instrumentation goes, instead of a sample and drums (not that there’s anything wrong with that *Jerry Seinfeld voice*).

image.in: Why do you believe most rappers, rap?

Hollywood Floss:
1. To get out of their current situation or,
2. They really love it and want to become good sooner or later.
3. Naturally gifted with poetry or spoken word, but need music behind it.

image.in: Since you rap, would it be safe to say MC’ing is your favorite of the four pillars of hip-hop?

Hollywood Floss: Its actually a tie between MC’ing and Production, but since Production is not a pillar, yeah we can say that lol.

image.in: What are your aspirations as a rapper? How do you plan to accomplish them?

Hollywood Floss: I want to put the best music out as possible, if that leads to me getting signed, cool- if not I’ll fall back on my production and help the next artist out.

image.in: A lot of people think the state of rap music has been in a constant decline for a number of years. What thing(s) do you think could be done to improve it?

Hollywood Floss:
1. I think it has to start with creativity and starting your own lane…Let me tell you, most artists want to be like their fav artist, but forget that you still have to be you…It makes no sense to be NAS or EMINEM, because the people or fans can go listen to them. The music game doesn’t need clones, but originality…Don’t be afraid to be yourself and start your own genre.

2. Don’t do it for the money, but for the love and the money will come.

image.in: Do you often listen to your own music?

Hollywood Floss: Hell yeah- that’s the only way to get better, and hopefully you’ll see yourself grow as an artist.

myspace. com/hwflossss – Hopefully people reading this will want to see me grow!
image.in: Which people (not just rappers) have had the biggest influence on your music?

Hollywood Floss: Its really not music besides the list below, its more growing up and seeing life for myself, wanting to travel and experience. Realizing I don’t care what others think about my art- if you have a problem make your own.

Datarock, Kanye West, Andre 3k , Coldplay, Jay-Z (Volume 1), Common (Electric Circus), N.E.R.D, Lupe Fiasco, Blu, The Beatles, and Lamont Dozier.

image.in: Who are some local rappers you’d like to work with? Why?

Hollywood Floss:
Kidd The Great – Great vocal talent.
Preso! – Straight up musicmaker, dope music.
Hero & Rad – Lyricists.
Nosaprise – Dope content.
Smash Bro – Very humble, and appreciates creativity.
Solange – She is a very good writer on the low.
Fat Tony – We’ve actually worked together Love Life and Invasion- I produced both, but is always fun to work with ’cause of the energy.

image.in: Who is the best rapper that’s under-the-radar right now, iyo?

Hollywood Floss: I truly believe i’m the best under-the-radar myself- people rather get one of my beats, but I feel my overall song input and creativity is under the radar if the people want someone other than me…i’m going to go with KiDD The Great.

image.in: Who’s your favorite non-rapping musician?

Hollywood Floss: Prince.

image.in: Why is prince your favorite non-rapping musician (not saying he’s not supposed to be or anything, just posing the question as a follow-up)?

Hollywood Floss: Just a genius artist, and I admire anyone who can play 1 instrument well- but to be able to play 20 or more instruments is just in another league and he can sing…He does what he feels is music and I want to take on that challenge as well.

image.in: Who’s the last artist you listened to?

Hollywood Floss: As I surfed the internet, I was jamming 808s and Heartbreaks.

image.in: What’s your opinion of the new Kanye album?

Hollywood Floss: It has its moments like heartless, paranoid and robocop…it isn’t his best, but I understand where he is in life and I appreciate him for pushing the envelope…If you listen to the actual words in some of the songs, they arent the most lyrical, but they’re true and easy to relate to. And i’ll take a song I can relate to over some musician trying too hard.
image.in: What do you like the most about rap music? What do you dislike the most about it?

Hollywood Floss: I actually like when people use compound syllables to rhyme, I think that’s dope…I hate all the rules it has “you cant do this,” “That aint hiphop!” Blah blah blah, just make music.

image.in: How would you convey to people that don’t believe rapping is a respectable form of music, that it is?

Hollywood Floss: Why try to convince them? I don’t need someone to tell me what’s respectable when it comes to an artform…If I bow down to them i’m admitting to them their opinion on music is more important than mine, and its not. You like what you like and we all have our own set of ears, so to each his own.

image.in: It’s a trick question…like you stated, you don’t need to convince them. Concerning taste in music (and opinions of art in general), do you think there is a line to be drawn between opinion and fact?

Hollywood Floss: Only when its the truth. Other than that, NO. Here’s an example of truth: Kanye has 4 studio albums, so that’s fact, but opinion is gonna be which one you like the best or how you rank them and in what order.

image.in: How do you think your taste in music has evolved over time?

Hollywood Floss: What’s funny is, as a kid I went to a 90% white school, and loved alternative music. But when I was coming home there was soul and r&b in the house, and it wasn’t until I was a teen that I discovered rap…So I would have to say my taste has always been open, but a couple of years ago I went through a rap or hip-hop only phase which hid those other sides…but now its grime, rock, crunk, dub, reggae or whatever’s good, i’m jamming..

image.in: What would you say was your best body of work?

Hollywood Floss: I hate to sound cliche and I will, but it truly hasn’t been made yet…that’s a question for retiring cats lol or people with insane catalogs like Madonna or Jay-z or something haha.
image.in: What do you have planned in the near future concerning shows, releases, etc.?

Hollywood Floss: SHOWS – I have Secret Awesome Fest 9000 coming up Nov.28, go to armfar. com for more info. Dec. 6th at the Cellar Bar 3140 Richmond Ave…But i’m always searching for NEW SHOWS and A MANAGER- so if you’re out there hit me up if interested, REPEAT I NEED SHOWS AND A MANAGER or BOOKING AGAENT- I don’t mind splitting the cash!

Releases – Out now, I have Art or Fiscal Intelligence and the Ari Gold Tendencies EP. I will have one more album called Big Fish, Small Pond- then I have an idea that will change the game (imo).

I plan on making 50 to 100 songs and let fans decide there own album to order…so if fan #1 likes 33, 50 , 10 and 2…they order that and i ship it to them, but fan #2 might order 99, 80,15 and 7. So remember where you heard it first on that idea!

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  1. thanks homie, hit me up – if you still do photography

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