Sy Asaad Interview

December 8, 2008
One of the better MCs nowadays, Sy Asaad is more concerned with the craft than more trivial aspects of hip-hop culture...

One of the better MCs nowadays, Sy Asaad is more concerned with the craft than more trivial aspects of hip-hop culture...

Sy Asaad, ladies and gentlemen…hailing from Illadelph, has a wealth of music and words to offer. Any takers? Nice catching up with you again man…so, what’s been on the agenda with your music? How has life been treating you besides music?

Asaad: Glad to be back at it man. Welp, I have been recording on the weekends mostly, just puttin’ mad craft down. As far as life….its pretty live. Been meetin’ all the right people, I now have a new production duo/ famlily. That’s working out VERY well. Its called f5…like the keybaord key i never use.. You have a new set of songs on your myspace. Will those be deposited into an EP or mixtape of sorts in the future?

Asaad: That’s the new shit…that new shit!!! Its dope man…its mainly for my mixtape called, “The Plastic Tape”. Its working out and coming along well. ALSO, I do have a special EP with a producer named Ta-ku from Perth, Austrailia in the works… What can listeners expect from The Plastic Tape?

Asaad: Aww man. The Plastic Tape is gonna hit first thing 09′. It will set the globe off the axis. Its basically me, not being basic & touching on the stuff I won’t be touching (plastic chicks), as well as showing how fun emceeing can be. It will be a long list of songs, maybe 30, freestlyes of the finest beats, and my original hits to showcase my skills. Of those songs I just inquired about, one of them is called “Plastic.” It’s on some other stuff. What was your inspiration?

Asaad: I am Plastic. That’s where the idea for alot of my new music started. One of my brother/producers Tracknique gave me beats and I recorded a song called All Natural. Then he posts a beat on myspace called All Natural, but he hadn’t heard my version or knew I had a song even called that. So his beat was the I am Plastic beat you hear. No samples…all natural (unlike the All Natural that is sampled), so I flipped the title to the opposite of All Natural..Plastic.

My 2nd idea was to make a song about my toy collection. Then it sparked a whole epidemic on people who rely on superficial stimuli such as make-up, botox…so on. Then I tricked it. The reason people think its left-field is because I organized and rhymed it to show how stiff I was, to put an emphasis on a plastic feel. So my real inspiration was 400% Bearbricks, and the Angelina Jolie’s…haha. You seem to have a solid stance on certain aspects of rap, and consequently some aspects of life…are you the type of person that would change his mind concerning a certain philosophy if you thought it was necessary? What are somethings you will never change you mind about?

Asaad: Welp. Time will show if I change up…i’m just gonna say i’m open to lots of new things and won’t try and predict the future. I let time do its job. Although, I will never date a chick who relys on make-up. Haha! lol! What do you think causes people to get fake nails/hair/eyes/body parts added to their own?

Asaad: The fake ‘lashes, contacts, nails and hair are somewhat overlooked. That shit is to me, the epitome of not knowing yourself. It shows how numb people can be of their physicality because its still an artificial substance for superficial purposes. Whether its forever or temporary. So, I believe people rely on those things because they are either scared of themselves or so numb by social standards. Some people would rather break than bend. Would you consider yourself a bender, or a breaker?

Asaad: I can’t quit. or break. People are gonna need me. I cannot…so I guess that makes me a bender. Pause. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to change musically at this point?

Assad: Musically, to turn my back on all that I fight for. Individuality and love. Do people around often ask questions concerning your rapping endeavor? Does it ever get annoying?

Asaad: I’m down for ANYONE who cares enough to question my music. Shit I may even tell my debit code if it pops up. But what vexes me is when people think i’m some facade, that i’m trying and im like, “I’m doing.” I am no trend. I dont have a shirt on that says, “Look at me, i’m different.” I’m myself, and most super-superfical people never get that… Speaking of people being trends, do you think that the recent surge of up-and-upcoming rappers will subside? If so, when do you think that will be?

Asaad: Well as I have said before, I gave up on mainstream hip-hop a couple years ago…so the wackness could continue forever for all I care. But the “hipster” thing was blown-out and blocked all the people who been doing what they do, rhyming, dressing, etc. before ’08 on out. And the people who banwagoned it, will continue to banwgaon other things. So in other words- there are those who ride the bandwagon, and those who drive it?

Asaad: Those who “drive” it per say…are more than likely molded in it so much that its a lifestyle, not a trend. Take streetwear brands like BAPE…the owner Nigo..he is molded in it. That’s his life- but does Lil’ Wayne wear it in 2008?

So yeah, there are “drivers,” and they drive. But they don’t drive to get leeched by superficial trends…but rather to gather alike minds in the pursuit of hopefully individuality. A lot of rappers talk about real & fake…even the Republicans during the recent presidential election referred to a ‘Real America’. What do you think defines real? What defines fake?

Asaad: This is another aspect of the Plastic theme. Rappers only shed light on how real they are, and only touch on the fake when comparing how real they are. So I decided to make a testiment to fake, not saying because i’m real.

I define everything as being real. Everything! Because its in existince somewhere, whether in reality, minds, maybe dreams. Fake is a term I use on people who are extremely forgetful of who they are and assimilate to fit whatever the popular norm of society is.

p.s. wtf is real america??!! I don’t wanna’ get into that. That vexes me. Many rappers say the person they depict themselves to be in their rhymes is an alter-ego. Would you consider that to be fake, or simply artistic expression?

Asaad: That whole alter ego thing with rappers is okay…I wouldn’t say its fake, but its mildly annoying. Its like mick foley to cactus jack, dude love- whoever he is. It can be entertaining SOMEtimes, and other times I realize that they are being artists…but hey, artists take risks. And I respect that. Can a fake person turn real, and vice-versa?

Asaad: An epiphany is an epiphany. Someone could wake up like, “I can change my life.” For better or worse. Do you think anyone out there considers themselves fake?

Asaad: I’ve never heard anyone say they are fake. But i’m pretty sure it hits them subconciously…

p.s. – I’m out for presidents to represent me, get $, lol. And the winner is OBAMA…my man. I get where you’re coming from with the, “I’m out for presidents to represent me.” What was your take on the whole ’08 election?

Asaad: O-8. Yeah…i’m super happy and excited that he won. I’m also happy that a halfrican-american man, who seems to have a positive outlook on fixing our nation was elected. I never saw this coming, BUT a politician is a politician. Blue, purple or red…and I don’t lay my faith in them. The current state of hip-hop is quite similar to the current state of the economy…what’s your take on both at the moment?

Asaad: Meet the twins! But we can’t blame Bush on rap being sucky. Hip-Hop is healthy, though. Mainstream Rappers just suck, as always. The true heads of the underground are alive and well. Myself and f5 are set, i’m sure Speak and Pheo are set. Pac Div, South Broad, and a long list of others are set. Instead of complaining about the mainstream, we live and love the underground. It becomes moreso a culture thing as it once was. And we are all happy…somewhat. Where do you think the line between fate and free will is drawn?

Asaad: Hmmm…good one. I think fate is inevitable, so it draws a line through everything. That and time are the Geppettos for all us puppets. Plastic and Wood.

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