Dannii Danger Interview…!

April 21, 2008

Dannii Danger Interview



DRENCH: What triggered your desire to rap?

Dannii Danger: Well I been writing since I was 8, but I didn’t start rappin till I was 17. I would never be rappin if it wasn’t for my brother Gray. He showed me the ropes on how to actually flow gracefully across a beat. Trust me what I used to wasn’t pretty. Ha!

DRENCH: Does your borther Gray still rap?

Dannii Danger: Yea he still raps. Its been hard lately because of family reasons. So he’s been dealing with that for the time being.

DRENCH:You’re also the member of a group named C.P.R. What do you believe are the main differences of being in a group, and being a solo artist?

Dannii Danger: Being In a group is harder than it may seem. Sometimes you get an idea for a song, but you dont feel like the other can convey the message that you are trying to send. I mean we had lots of ideas & topics…but sometimes he didnt know what to say or how to say it and vice versa. So I think being solo is a little more easier for the mind. Its easier for me to make music.

DRENCH: How did the group C.P.R. come to be?

Dannii Danger: It took a while for the name to be created. I came up with the name & reasons for it like late 07. C.P.R stands for Common People Rappin. I feel like its so many artists that rap as if they were the flyest mothafucka on earth. So i wanted to get away from that. So we rap about being common, ordinary people. Yea we have a talent, but it doesn’t make us better than the next person. So thats our goal, to try to not be arrogant & gaudy. Its still a work in progress..haha!

DRENCH: How do you define success in music?

Dannii Danger: Success in music is just establishing a credibility for yourself that you are comfortable with. Money is only half the battle, because you can lose it. Its just gettin to a point where fans know you, and they automatically know that you’re gonna drop something worth listening to on a consistent basis. So you have that core fan base & the respect around the music industry.

DRENCH: What thoughts would be going through your head if you gained success on a mainstream level tomorrow?

Dannii Danger: I wouldn’t like it. I would feel like it was given to me & not earned. I haven’t accomplished or done enough to even be considered for that type of success. I would be trying so hard to make music to where the quality & feeling would be tarnished. I mean how many times has an artist came out & you felt like who is the dude…and where did he come from? I dont want to be that person.

DRENCH: Even though you’re new to the rap game, where do you feel you are as an artist?

Dannii Danger: Right now I’m still growing. I know what I want to do & how I’m going to do it, but I’m still getting there. I’m further than most tho, for the fact that I already found my aim. I’m not just making songs just to say that I’m making music. It’s a purpose behind my music.

DRENCH: Why do you believe people should want to listen to your music?

Dannii Danger: First because it comes from the heart. I’m not out there makin songs about girls, jewelry, & all that. I want to make people feel better about themselves. If you dont have money & you going through tough times it’s ok. Just dont give up on chasing your lifelong dream. My music is for all the people who feel like the world is against & they dont have anywhere to run.


DRENCH: What do you think are the most difficult challenges for an upstart rapper to overcome?

Dannii Danger: The most difficult challenges are finding people who want to deal with you. In the music business people dont want to listen to artists they never heard of. So if you never been on t.v. or have a song on the radio, then its hard to get attention

DRENCH: What do you think are advantages that new artists have over those who are already established?

Dannii Danger: New artists have more knowledge of what road to take. We’ve looked & learned from the mistakes major artists have made. So we know how to escape from getting messed over. We also have something fresh to offer to music.

DRENCH: What’s something you believe all rappers have in common (besides rapping)?

Dannii Danger: All rappers have pride in they’re music. No rapper feels like his music sucks, basically. If someone tells him otherwise then he’s going to defend his music until the end. We all want to be innovative & create that new sound that nobodies heard before. That way when people mention us, they’ll remember us as that artist who broke the mold of his generation.

DRENCH: What’s something you believe all rappers need?Dannii Danger: We nee inspiration. All rappers have reasons on why they do what they do for a living. You just cant make a song without being inspired to make it. A rapper may be inspired to make money, so he’s going to make a song about money. A rapper may be inspired to be fly, because as a child he didnt have the name brand clothes, so therefore he’s going to makle a track about being fresh to death. It’s all inspiration.

DRENCH: What’s something you believe all rappers should avoid trying to do?

Dannii Danger: I believe rappers should avoid doing what’s popular at the time. No one will remember you the way you want them to. Some rappers can follow what’s popular and do it sucessfully, but that’s what they’re going to be remembered for…following the crowd.

DRENCH: Who are people you want to work with in the music industry?

Dannii Danger: As far as major I would like to work with, Lupe Fiasco, Common, & Andre 3000. Now this underground list is goin to be huge! I want to work with Heat Roc,Young Felz,Uzoy, Arc,D.LLoyd Tha Ish, Mickey Factz,No Parking,The Undying Machines,nerd,Speak,Fudd Burton, etc. I could go all day!

DRENCH: How does your rapping name embody your style? What’s up with the two ii’s?

Dannii Danger: Man…this is going to be kind of long! My rap name is simply a cathcy name that people can remember. When my friends say, it cracks me up. They may not notice it, but they say it all the time.

Its also created to weed out people who “judge books by their covers”. I know my name isn’t the best. Some have said that it sucks. My point is that if you’re going to judge what you listen to by any type of appearnace, then I dont want you to listen to my music. I chose Danger! because my life is in constant danger of failing. I feel that I have to be successful, a lot of people are depending on me and I dont want to let them down.

And the two ii’s are just me being rebellious, and not trying to be like my dad. His name was Danny, he was never there for me so I want to be the total opposite of him.

DRENCH: Do you think you’ll ever reconcile with your father?

Dannii Danger: I mean we working on that right now. It’s funny because after I did this intereview he called. I was feeling a little regretful on the answer i gave to the prior question saying that I didnt want to be like him. He gave me a call & we talked about everything that has happened. I’m a forgiving person, but I never forget. So we’ll see what happens. However it goes, you’ll probably hear a song about it. HAHA!

DRENCH: What are factors that you’d say have the least influence on your style?

Dannii Danger: I would have to say fame & money. Now dont get me wrong, being famous is a dream. But, I’m not about to sacrifice the content of my lyrics to become famous. I know im not the artist who creates “radio friendly” music, and I dont care. So if I get famous, I’d love that. If not, then thats cool too. I’d rather be an underground artist who’s respected, than a famous rapper who’s a sellout.

DRENCH: If you were a comic-book superhero, who’d you be, and why?

Dannii Danger: I would be the Ninja Turtles! Them dudes didn’t care what people thought. They just had fun doing what they do best, saving people from harm. In a way that’s what I’m trying to do with my music.

DRENCH: Which Ninja Turtle would you be in particular, and why?

Dannii Danger: I really dont have a favorite. Individually they had their own skills, but as a team they work together. So I feel that my all my traits & characteristics mesh together to make me who I am.

DRENCH: What separates Dannii the rapper, from Dannii the person?

Dannii Danger: Dannii the rapper thinks about what he says all the time. He doesn’t just go around and talking non-sense. He feels that everybody deserves a chance to be somebody. While Dannii the person says what’s on his mind. It might offend you or hurt your feelings,but he still says it. Basically he keeps it real with everybody, no matter who you are.

DRENCH: Why do you think that your rapper persona, and who you are outside of music have such a direct contrast to each other in what they say?

Dannii Danger: Because with music my main motivation is to help people. I wanna say all the right things and make music thats stays with a person and helps them grow. While the regular me just worries about himself. I mean I do care for my friends & family and I help them however I can, but I been hurt and backstabbed a lot so I’m looking out for myself more.

DRENCH: If you had to strike a connection between hip-hop & a romantic comedy movie, what would it be?

Dannii Danger: Hitch. I chose Hitch because in the movie he was helping other people find love when he couldnt help his self find it. That’s how artists are with their music. We want to help people become better people in the way we feel they should become better. Whether its being fly or being humble. But sometimes its not people who need the help….its us.

DRENCH: What’s your opinion of the current state of hip-hop culture? What do you believe you’ll contribute to it?

Dannii Danger: Hip-Hop is in an evoulutionary period. More artists are fusing other types of sounds & genres into Hip-Hop. Look around, artists are using techno, break-beat, house, electro, & rock. It’s all apart of Hip-Hop now. So now artists are going to veer towards that sound because it’s universal.

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  1. omg…. dannii u were so great… i mean u always were but you were so real in this interview… babe… im soo happy for u… ur comin up and at a fast pace…. u might not realize it yet but u have a promising future…. dont fall victim to the cliche of oh he’s just another rapper… dont let baggy pants, new dances and catchy hooks define u as a rapper… ion ever wanna see u doin that! if i do i will slap u!…. lol i love you babe your #1 G.O.A.T!

  2. AMARA Says:


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