Jay-Dub of Block Bleeda ENT Interview

March 18, 2008



From a small city bordering Houston, came a big talent. And his name was Jay-Dub.

DRENCH: I happen to know you personally…from the time that we were in high school, did you think that you’d go this route career-wise?

JAY DUB: To be honest Clyde, I really didn’t. My passion has always been videos. video editing, directing, the whole production thing. But, God has really shown me alot of things in my life. He opened up my eyes to alot of things I could even imagine doing. I never thought I’d be writing anybody’s book, I hated writing in school.

I thought I’d never be taking pictures, I hated being on and behind the camera. But, photography is something I picked up a few months ago, and now look at me. Clyde, honestly, my life wasn’t always headed in the direction of fame & glory.There came a time in my life wherein I had to eliminate alot of people because they weren’t trying to help me to get where I was trying to go in life.And you know birds of a feather, flock together right? These were people I was best friends with for years.

One thing my parents told me that stuck with me ’til this day, was that “No matter what, you always follow your dream, no matter who tells you that you can’t do it. Follow it.” People always ask, “Why are you always up?” I stay up late every night, because I’m grinding on alot of stuff. My response is always, “There are too many things I want to do in life, I’ll sleep when I die. There are people out here who need me.”

To all young entrepreneurs. I know it may seem like your business, or whatever you’re trying to do right now may seem like a downfall at the moment…but you gotta’ have patience. Success doesn’t come overnight, it just doesn’t. You have to learn how to be patient. When you see no progress, work even harder. And I promise you, your success will come.

A few qualities I think entrepreneurs should always have, are:
Highly motivated
Well focused
Maintain a positive attitude
Quality customer service

DRENCH: What was that experience like having to cut off some people to move forward with your life? Do you ever still see them around? Is it awkward when you cross paths with them?

JAY DUB: Wow! That experience was very hard. Just picture having friends for a number of years. Letting them go was the hardest thing for me, but it was something I felt like I had to do. Because if you ask me, a true friend is someone who’s always there. They don’t think of getting any sort of gain from you, they won’t let you down. Evidence of a true friend to me is what they do to show their loyalty, honesty, or even their willingness to make a sacrifice.

Yeah, I still have some of them around. In a way it feels awkward, but now they truly understood where I was coming from. I wasn’t trying to hurt them in any kind of way, I was just following my dream!

DRENCH: What’s one word you’d use to describe Missouri City?

JAY DUB: Home! I’m sorry, but ain’t nothing like the Mo’ baby!

DRENCH: Haha, so what’s a list of everything you do? I know photography, production & graphics are part of it, but just give me a full rundown of things you’re taking up at the moment.

JAY DUB: A full rundown of what I’m involved in is photography, design, graphics, video directing/editing, CEO/producer, and I’ve recently gotten into the author thing!

DRENCH: As a CEO, what is the name of your company?

JAY DUB: My photography/graphics name is, “J Collectiong Photography.” My record label is “Dubbin’ E.N.T.,” which is a collaboration with Block Bleeda’ E.N.T. & New Era Productionz.

DRENCH: Could you go into detail about being an author? How did that come about?

JAY DUB: Wow! I really can’t, because it’s something I picked up about a month ago. I always hated writing in school, but I’d always hear from people that I had alot of knowledge and that one day I’d probably write a book. I never thought anything of it until a female author named Demoinca Gldaney, preached a sermon called, “Willing to Wait.”

Her testimony really touched me, because she never thought she was ever gonna’ be able to write a book, because was in a horrifying accident. It caused her to have an inability to write, hear, or think clearly. Those are things that you need to be a successful writer. Her story not only touched me, but it made me realize that God blessed me with another talent. I didn’t want to take it for granted, so I began to put my talents to work. Now, here I am, attempting to produce a book..

DRENCH: Do you know what the book will be about yet?

JAY DUB: Yeah. My first one will be on relationships, concerning what men & women need/want. It’ll be called the 411 on the needs and wants of men & women!

DRENCH: What’s your top priority at the moment, concerning your business endeavors?

JAY DUB: My top priority is my photography, because it blew up so fast. I didn’t even realize how much my work was impacting people. I just started feeling like I was able to charge larger amounts for my photography services. But you know what people say, we are our own worst critics.

DRENCH: That’s neat man, i’m actually into photography myself. What do you like the most about photography?

JAY DUB: The thing I like most about photography is that I can expand my imagination. Basically, there’s no limit to what you can do…

DRENCH: What’s your opinion of paparazzi photographers?

JAY DUB: I think it’s aight, not really a fan of them. To me, if a picture is being forced upon a person, it shouldn’t be taken, bottom line!

DRENCH: What music videos have you done so far?

JAY DUB: I’ve done videos for alot of local people you probably haven’t heard of before. But, I’ve participated in the majority of editing and shooting for videos of artists such as gospel recording artist, Blase. I’m also now working with another gospel artist, Young Disciple. I work with other collectives like Block Bleeda’ Ent., In Yo’ Face Productions, Grindhouse Ent., etc.

DRENCH: So, who are some people you aspire to work with?

JAY DUB: Wow! Musically, I want to work with Kanye West, Timbaland, and P.Diddy. Concerning video directors, I’d like to work with Hype Williams, Benny Boom, and Rage. A few photographers I want to work with are Tal Campbell, Phillip Ritchie, and Edward Bensen. Some authors I’d enjoy working with a William Blake, Robert Frost, and John Keats.

DRENCH: What are some things you plan to do in the future?

JAY DUB: I have quite a few things going on for the future. I want to start my own reality show. I’m writing that piece right now. It’s basically about the life of two single fathers that live together, and they both have 2 little girls.

Another plan I have is for me to open up my production business that will cater to music videos, graphics, photography, and audio such as audio recording, mixing and mastering, songwriting, etc.

Something else I have planned, is to produce short films that inform teens about all of the problems and situations they will encounter during that stage of their lives. And lastly, to work on the book idea I told you about earlier.


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