Interview w/the Creative Director of Brooklyn Sky Clothing

March 18, 2008


First of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to let the voice behind Brooklyn Sky be heard.

What do you believe is your best design to-date? Do you think you’ll ever be able to top it?

I believe my best design is the Paper Chaser. I say that because I didnt have to do anything extra to sell the idea. It was simple, straight to the point and it spoke for many people. I may or may not have topped it yet…We’ll see….

When looking at the line (and it’s name), it’s obvious that it draws inspiration from NY & hip-hop culture. Do you feel as if you alienate anyone who may happen to like your style of clothing that may not belong to one of the aforementioned groups?

I used to get a lot of flack from people when I told them the name. A lot of stores didnt want to rock with us mainly because of that. I knew it wasnt because of the designs because they had super wack pieces in their shops. I dont feel I alienate anyone. I speak for a certain group yes but that group has no set age, race, gender, or religion. So as long as you can get down with the message its all good.
On the other hand, do you think it gives off the illusion that you’re putting yourself in a box of sorts?

I dont put myself in a box, I dont design in a box, I dont live in a box nor do I drive a box. Im just doing what my team and I set out to do. If heads relate, then cool we did our job and if not then cool, we might catch you in a season or two. Building a brand doesnt happen overnight nor in one season. We are very very young in this business.

Do you think you’ll expand on references, design, and pieces to gain a wider audience in the future?

As I grow the brand will grow. I think we put out goods that any audience can get down with. Every design cant speak to everyone at the same time. But I have been working with some great artists lately so you will def see some more depth to the brand as time goes on.

Who did you think were the flyest people in your younger years?

In my younger years I thought my older cousins were the flyest. I had two cousins that were down with Lo-Lifes so they used to come thru with all types of Lo gear. Almost any young cat in Brooklyn that was getting it back then was inspiration.
You recently told me you were in Miami. Were you there on business, for pleasure, or both?
I said im in Miami because thats my second home. Its my getaway spot. My life in NYC and my life in Miami are two totally different things. I appreciate both places for what each has to offer.

So, would you say Miami to you is the southern version of NY?
Nah I would never call anywhere a version of NY. If it were, I wouldn’t be there. The reason I get out of NY is to get out of NY. Miami relaxes your state of mind.

How much of a lifestyle change did you notice as you got deeper and deeper into the fashion industry?

I didnt have much of a lifestyle change due to the industry. I think the changes in my life came along with just maturing as a person. I appreciate the more simple things in life, quality of living, and the opportunity given to service people with my talents.

Speaking of talents, what would happen to be some of your others?

Dont expect me to say I sing, dance, and play violin…Im just a designer in a position to do handle my own business. I would say my talents are getting things done. Whatever it takes…
Are you trying to leave your mark on the game, or are you just passing through?

Im def trying to leave a mark in the game. We are still laying the foundation and finding what works best for us. As we are cut from a different cloth. Your man Jordan reached his zenith after 6/7 years in the league, same with Jay-Z, 10 deep reached their tipping point after 10 yrs in the game. So we def not passing through. Expect to see a whole lot more from the SKY in the years to come.

What are your feelings concerning the current state of urban fashion?

My feelings on urban fashion. That depends what you mean by urban because urban can be Rocawear and at the same time Prada, it could be what black people make/wear or it can be whats hot in the city. I feel fashion is in a good place. I say so because if I can still go to my favorite shops and get goose bumps then I dont see anything wrong.

What brands do you wear besides your own?
Personally im in a transition phase, besides the SKY you may catch me in Orisue, Nudie, Supra, P.Paulies, Mishka and other names I wont drop at the moment cuz heads aint on it yet…Im not trying to have cats google my steez.

Who does the team behind Brooklyn Sky consist of? What are their roles?
Brooklyn Sky consists of myself Mike (Creative Director/Marketing) Matt (Sales/Store Mgmt/Production Mgmt.) Gabe (Store Mgmt) Christina (Shipping/Inventory/Store clerk). Its a small family. We all dip and dabble with roles. Between the four of us we all run the brand and run our shop in Brooklyn.

How would you describe the store experience in one word?

In what ways are running a shop refreshing? Not saying it can’t be…
I didnt say running the shop was refreshing. I just said the shop was refreshing. Running a shop is mayhem.

Where is your store located (address, etc)? What’s the website (for people who don’t already know)?

Our store is located in Brooklyn NY. 1402 Nostrand Avenue BK NY 11226.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I would just like to say thank you for the platform. And thanks to those who have supported the BSKY movement. And for those you haven’t, check us out to see what we got going on.

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